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Phallussy Phunny......Rednecks and Big 'Decks'
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thought provoking
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did any of you ever go through a period of defying your sexuality, maybe even running from it because you didn't want to think you were gay? any go as far as to date girls or have a relationship?

You Will Not Believe What This Anonymous Group Of Indians Do To People Who Urinate In Public ...

Missing The Point
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I have just completed an online market research survey.

Much of the questioning was about Vodafone, a telecommunications company, and my response to their latest advertising campaign on television.

I was quite honest with them by saying I had absolutely NO idea what the advertising was actually about - the company or product - because I was too busy DROOLING over the cute maori boy LOL

One of the adverts they showed me has him in the shower and despite a great deal of prompting I had to confess to no idea what product or company it was for (I was too busy wanting to see his cock)

Has this happening to anybody else? you watch advertising and are too busy drooling over cute actors you have no idea what is being advertised?

Here is a link to their adverts - the actor is called James Rolleston and he is so cute!

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Jordan's Daily Giggle - 2
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Some words to live by....
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Good site
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really glad i joined this site

A little humour...
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Silly Cartoons


just wondering
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Has anyone every let a family member watch them jack or shoot there load i don't mean full on sex just let them watch

What's this "Jericho site" thing?
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What is this "Jericho site" thing that is being asked to be closed by some mysterious person?

Wonderful Gesture
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An Idaho man, Barry Johnson, has given up his burial plot in a military cemetary to a lesbian woman so she can eventually be buried next to her Wife who died in 2012.

Navy veteran Madelynn Taylor has been refused permission to be buried next to her long time partner so this chap Mr Johnson, a retired Army Colonel, came to the rescue saying "Madelynn Taylor seems a heck of a lady"

What a wonderful gesture and shows the world really is full of good, decent people.

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Hey everyone I if you could check out my blog on tumblr and maybe even follow me that would me so much to me. Maybe everyone can post their tumblr blogs in here so we can all look.

May I ask to have my "Requests" number set back to one?

happy mayday
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my friends make my day everyday on here;

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gay friends
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do you have gay friends that you hang out with sometimes? coffee, parties, double date, or just hang out as friends, not seeking to get in their pants.

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Thanks to everybody for all the kind words and comments on my wall and private messages! I love you all, smokers or non-smokers,you all make this site as one great family and I can't miss you anymore, with love Thuis xxx

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Well done!!
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300 Days

Congrats on the milestone!

First sex toys!
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We've ALL had days like this......
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Can't move file message?
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I keep trying to upload this vid but it keeps saying can't move file after upload is complete and i press done? why is this? has it actually uploaded?

Your favorite candy
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Reeses Peanut butter cups!

A Teaser
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Da Mihi Castitatem et Continentiam Domine, Sed Noli Modo


This thing with our posts not posting is pissing me off.

Whenever I see non-nude selfies what comes to my mind is the very first time I saw one which was with a naked boy!

Ejaculation spraying EVERYWHERE!
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Ejaculation SPRAYING everywhere!!!

When you all make love...particularly in the night and your partner cum, right?

Being Professional
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In some situations its so hard to be Professional .


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