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Well it's friday and what am i doing sitting at home have the night off and what do I do stay at home I think I ned my head check lol have a good weekend all of you lot's of hug's Josh!!

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It's friday
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Hello World
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nude camping
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i so wanna do this.

A great addition to any gay man's bathroom
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Although there are lots of expensive models, there are also many inexpensive models of a bidet that you can order online and attached to your home toilet. A bidet is great for washing yourself everytime after you do a number 2. It is also great for taking an anal douche or an enema. It is quick and easy. It is also quick and easy to install. I went to and did a search for bidet, and ordered the one that met my needs. Mine is a non-electrical one, meaning cold water only. I'm used to that. I highly recommend them for any gay man's home bathroom. Just be sure that when you test it, that you're sitting on the toilet pants down. Otherwise you might end up with a large wet spot on your pants.

Moo Motherfucker Moo
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Ice cave
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I have McAfee Total Protection.

When I click on the video section, I get a full screen warning from McAfee, staing that it is an unsafe site and that I should not go there.

Has anyone else

I want a cooke too
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Video Uploads
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Hi, everyone - I've only just joined this horny site and have uploaded several videos all of which I'm told have been successful, yet none appear on my site. Have I done something wrong? x

Red hot cock
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anyone free round Buckingham at the weekend

I'm Back!
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Hello. Hello. Hello. Yes, I am back after a long while. It feels good to be back....with school and other stuff, I Barely have time to myself, but I am going to make this work. So please feel free to add me, check out my videos, and subscribe....message me even! Can't wait to hear from all of you again!

Uncut Pepper dick lol
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cock size
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Kinda liking soft smaller cocks than big hard ones... probably wanting to do something to make them bigger....

is this site with malware?
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Google chrome stated that there is malware on gbt. Malware from

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At last got a weekend free got to try do something anyone free

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This old building has been abandumn and now the city wants to tear it down what a damn shame

charlies gang
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frankie hooper and tinker charlies gang they annoy me when i eating lunch but guess thats dogs for you -hooper is my friend the white dog he walked off and was lost in the woods for a week was found starving having suffered a stroke he wasnt put down but now has a funny walk and a crocked tail - giles

In Love with My Best Friend....
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It's tough because he "claims" to be straight. I'm pretty sure that he's bi. I've been in love with him since 2008 and "deeply" in love with him since 2010. I gave

Bars and Melody....
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No one understands your struggles but so many people want to help you. Never give up. Keep your head up ...Leo

The Cafe Wall Illusion
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The cafe wall illusion is a geometrical optical illusion in which the parallel straight dividing lines between staggered rows with alternating black and white bricks appear to be sloped but are not.

im so sad
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hello to whoever is listening im so sad , i lost my roomate and i feel like i did a terrible thing by making him leave he is only 19 but

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I need one.

I feel better...
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And the solution for this little depression was really to go further into perversion and shoot a new vid. Hope it will upload correctly.

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hot teens
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Hi guys! i have hot teen boys pictur. but i cannot upload. anyone know how to upload it in this site? please let me know.!


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