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i like
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anybody do kegal exercises? flex your interior shooting muscles? it really works. do them when you drive everytime you get stopped by a light. it's a good reminder. that's how these boys shoot 9-10 times and put it over their upper chest.

What do you do?
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Pop Quiz:

It's late at night. You're horny as hell. You're boned like a porn star on crack. Suddenly, you hear a knock at the door!

"Who the Jiminy H. Hell-Cricket is that?" you ask yourself.

You shamble on over to the door and slowly turn the deadbolt. You open the door just far enough to see who is outside. You peer closely, hoping you don't get stabbed in the eyeball by your deranged ex-boyfriend.

"HOLY SHIT!" you scream, suddenly forgetting your manners.

You throw open the door. It's your butt-sex buddy! He slowly saunters into the room and gives you a hug.

"Wow, you're really happen to see me!" he says, rubbing up against your raging manhood.

"I'm always happy to see you, [insert your friends name here]! What the hell are you doing here?" you ask, suddenly realizing just how obvious the answer really is.

"Why else would I be here." your friend says as he gently kisses you on the lips.

"Damn [insert your friends name here], you must be psychic! I was just thinking the same thing!"

"Right on!" your friend says; his lips spreading into a lustful grin.

You turn and head towards the bedroom as your friend sits down on the couch and begins to remove his shoes. You walk into the bedroom and turn on the light. You turn and head towards the dresser. You casually pull your bottom drawer open, but...holy shit! You are completely out of pud collars (condoms)! You stand there, mouth wide open, staring at the empty drawer.

"I'm am so damn hard right now!" you hear your friend call out from the living room as he removes his shirt.

Dumbfounded, you slam the drawer shut and bite your fist.

[HAHAHA! You dumbass! What the hell you gonna do now?] you hear your inner voice say.

"Shut up! SHUT UP!" you say to yourself.

Suddenly, your friend calls out again: "What's taking so long? Do I need to start without you?"

You bang your head against the wall as you try to come up with something. Once, just once, you wish your friend would have bareback sex with you! But no! He refuses to have unprotected sex!

Your friend suddenly walks into your bedroom. You turn and see him standing before you. He is fully nude and fully boned.

"How much longer you gonna make me wait?" he says as he smiles and flexes the muscles in his penis.

Time seems to suddenly stop...


You are completely out of prophylactic's (condoms).
You haven't had sex in three days.
You're suffering from a sever case of "Penile Rigor Mortis" ;)
It's 2 A.M. and every store in town is closed.
Your friend is becoming impatient [HAHAHA! Better fuckin' hurry!] "Shut up! SHUT UP!"
Your friend isn't going to wait for you much longer. It's now or never.

What do you do?

What DO you DO?

Blonds do it Best Leo and Lance LIFE STORY
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True or not? I just got like really interested when i saw a vid called "BLONDS DO IT BEST". It real old n put on the site by one of my new GBT friends. I googd it to find out about the stars n maybe c where they are now n invite them to visit. SAD they both died at about the very same time in 1991. like within weeks ..strange.

I read the stories about what happened n how they knew each other for years while doing porn stuff n things. Really sad about it how one died from AIDS stuff n the other on a motor cycle just a few weeks later. Lance was really David Alan Reis and Leo was really Leo Ford. Does anyone know more about their lives stories?

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hey punk!..yea you..cmere..
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whada you doin right now...

Really need to cum
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just woke up and i had a huge hard cock staring me in the face, haven't cummed in hours, really need to wank and cum, anyone want to help me?, then send me a sexy meassge and lets get started ;)

I love how in the Michael Jackson "Bad" and "Thriller" short promotional films (i.e.: music videos) there are a couple of things that could TOTALLY symbolise SPERM!

test blog
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test test :D

It looks like this dog is performing oral sex on this guy!

That most incredible moment
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I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced it. That really incredible moment when you find yourself thinking something like I can't fucking believe I'm doing this! Usually followed with a thought something like I'm going to remember this moment forever!

Sometimes it's an incredible place. Sometimes it's an incredible activity. And sometimes it's an incredible person you are with.

When all the planets are in allignment it can be that all three of those things come together at once. I wish everyone could experience that at least once in their lives.

I also wish there was a way to save that moment and what you were feeling, experiencing so you could somehow relive it just as it happened. Feel the same touch, smell the same smells, relive the entire experience whenever you wanted to and had the time.

I was lucky enough to experience a truly incredible evening Saturday night. And already I'm feeling more than a little sadness that it's over, not likely

Pending Videos
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Anyone know how long it takes for videos to be approved? It has been almost 24hrs and still nothing :L

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Yesterday I had to do the most heart breaking thing, I had to have 1 of my pet dogs put to sleep after almost 12 years of unconditionly love. I relieze that it was the best thing for him because his poor old body just couldn't take it any more but it hurts so bad right now with I think about him. It also gives me great comfort to now know he's not suffering any more and he's in that big dogy kennel in the sky and is running around with his friend , our other dog that was also put to sleep last year. I have no shame what so ever in admitting I cried like a baby all day yesterday.

Is there anyway to edit your posts on other people's topics?

Contractor of the Year Awards!
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...and the nominees are:

"Bless this MESSI"
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He is so cute!

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Full Videos!

Everything Happens For a Reason
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following the sugestion of a good friend from GBT, I post it for the bennefit of the community. I'll be more than happy if someone find it instructive and meaningful

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Andy just wanted me to say He is back and will return next week.He wrote this message .....Send my regards to all at GBT and hope to be back there by the first part of June. Please leave a message if you like as we havnt seen him since his Birthday.Also Happy 700 days recently Buddy .

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when you think that the rain will never stop, positive thinking makes the sun shine on your heart, which brings back the friends you think you have lost but are never far from your soul, love scott

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Was just sitting here stroking, knock on my door...

more positive
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just read that some guys are going through a rough time in their lifes, some might pity them or deride the value this site provides for them. But its important to all guys that come here, whether for the porn or to find some answers or help or maybe pointed in the right direction. LIFE IS IMPORTANT as is FRIENDSHIP, some will scorn what I say but they are entitiled to their opinion, thats just a human trait, and adds for an exciting debate. But its helped me to kick away the negativiity I have been feeling recently, and be more positive in my view on life. So I give you all the warmth from my heart, and some affection from my soul, cant give you all my affection, that is shared with the person I love deeply here in Scotland. Love you all, Scott

The Secret is Out!

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what makes a penis curve right or left? or even some are curved upward? is it from being cut? this is one area where i can say i am str8.

First time with a boy in your ass.....
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Have you ever had a guy do you ? (Yes, I mean anal sex,....)
How old were you?
What did you do to get ready?
Did it hurt or did it just go in easy?

A frog's best friend?
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Naughty, naughty, naughty, you filthy old SEGA!
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Boy!, good old SEGA , knew how to call gamers atention (back in the 90's)

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Hey I'm RJ i am a amateur at this and at other things i am a virgin and i went through literally 3 emo phases lol otherwise im looking for someone honest, funny, hug-gable, cuddle-able, and other things if you get my drift ;).... So over all i am well hoping to meet someone who truly gets me, and well i can talk to and you know "get to know" :) well message me :*

hot gay xbox gaymers
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hello i am looking to see if there are any hot gaymers out there that would like to meet up and chat on xbox live if there are any hot gaymers on here hit me up

This week, the Whittington Family uploaded a single video onto YouTube-the story of their grandchild Ryland. Ryland was born deaf. But soon after he learned to hear and speak with cochlear implants, he announced that he was a boy (despite being born female) This is their story:


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