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Blow Me...
Views: 158 · Added: 584 days ago

One Last Kiss. I have listened to this song so many times already that this is on the top of my playlist. I feel that no matter what happens...relationships or not, this is the perfect song to cheer your day up. Other than that, classes got cancelled today and the school is closed...while my job didn't tell me that I didn't need to go to work...what a cold trip to take. But, I am enjoying my day inside my room...warm and toasty XD. Ok....gotta do some homework. Oh...if you want me to share some of my hot sex stories...let me know. ;)

Random ... !!!!!!
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So i select 20 photos placing the one i want to repesent my album at no1 so when it posts that photo should be what everyones looks at without opening the album .... but no instead it gets randomly chosen and it always is the one i wouldnt have picked ... it takes time and patience to make an album so why cannot i decide what the lead photo should be .. !!! yup it might not mean much to many guys here but to me it does ......I love everything you do nick, but is there a way to have a slot on the uploading to show which one is going to be the album cover. Many thanks ..........

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i have been bored lately when not with my friends and i don't get much sleep these days because when the sun comes up my bird says hello hello hello for 3 hours and i start work on the 12 of feb but i will find a way to get a good night sleep

Australia is having strange weather
south east of Australia has had fires because of hot weather but they are got some cooler days with a little rain
north east Australia has been getting hot weather but also lots of rain that is flooding areas
north west of Australia has been getting hot weather but also lots of rain
south west of Australia has been getting hot weather and some rain

Have you ever tossed anyone's salad before?
Views: 429 · Added: 585 days ago

I've had it done and done it. Prefer the former to the latter.

I need advice
Views: 438 · Added: 585 days ago

Perhaps this isnt the right place to ask this so if I am out of line please just tell me so. I have only jacked off with my neighbor in the past and it was more me jacking him off. He was kind of a bully but I was horny and he was hot so I did it. Now that I am at college I want to get laid! I am really not out yet, my Catholic parents would flip out and I cant pay for college myself!

I live in a rented house with three other guys. One doesnt appeal to me at all and is almost never here but Stuart is really Hot. He is always walking around in his boxers. Really nice body and very long strong legs which are a turn on to me I have discovered. I think he has noticed me looking at him but I am not sure. He sits on the couch watching Tv with his boxers on and adjusts his dick, his fly gapes open and I can see his hair poking out.

Is he teasing me or is he wanting me to make a move? If I am wrong I will have to move out? He is a lot more muscular than me, I fear he might beat the crap out of me.

What should I do?

Views: 101 · Added: 585 days ago

i am an older male as you can see by my profile,altho i am gay i have always been with some one younger,except for my 1st time we where both 14,i have been with a few guys thru out the years,when i was 17 i was with a 14 y.o. and we where together for a number of years,as i got older it was strange how i could look at a young man and he look at me,and we both knew,altho i was never with all of these guys there was a few,some for one timmers and some over a period of time,so i know that look,ok now to this day a few days ago a young(20 y.o. but looks younger)was hired where i work,long story short he gave that look,and like that we where trading phone numbers,and talking a lot,we had made plans to go out but something cam up,now that i am older i feel its wrong,but want to be with him so much,any of you guys out there in to older,and how do you feel about this,let me know.

Views: 173 · Added: 585 days ago

Why is it that all blogs lately have been downers, or is it just me. Let's all be happy!! : )

hi to all
Views: 127 · Added: 585 days ago

im boy 26 old year - i like boys ander 25 and i like bottom boys

Books and Movies
Views: 159 · Added: 585 days ago

Johnnyb25 and I have been having many conversations about books and movies we enjoy and discuss. We have been thinking about starting a Book/Movie Club/Dialogue on the blogs. A book or movie would be selected, time given to see or read it and then people could provide their thoughts regarding it. Critiques, how it relates to other authors or film makers. A general discussion about what impacted each of us from the material. How representative it is of the genre, etc.

The purpose of this post is to see if anyone else here on GBT would like to participate in such a thing. We have a first movie in mind, but before we launch into a direct discussion, we were interested in determining if anyone would want to participate. If there is no interest, we can continue our dialogue outside of the blogs. We don’t want to bore everyone with just our thoughts.

So if could, post your thoughts about this over the next few days, we can determine the next steps. We would envisage a new blog for each book or movie that was picked. So give us your thoughts on participation. Separately, we will develop a way to gather thoughts on what movies and/or book should be up for discussion. We will do everything to try to make any selection easily available to members.

So tell us what you think.

Thanks Thomas and Johnny

Austin mahone
Views: 245 · Added: 586 days ago

Does anyone think singer Austin Mahone is hot. 16 is legal here in Canada and I could eat his ass for hours

Hi Guys and Boys.
Views: 270 · Added: 586 days ago

I was wondering about something. Many gay/bi, boys and guys dont like body hair and so on. I am just wondering why hehe. Tell why you dont like body hair and why you dont:)?

And what about this Hot boy here, you dont like him because of his body hair?, personnaly i think he is smoking hot:)

Take Care everyone.

Shameless on Showtime
Views: 263 · Added: 586 days ago

Just trying to see if anyone else watches Shameless on Showtime and if they are as excited as I am about the new season. Comes back on this Sunday, Jan.13th @ 9:00.
Myself I can't wait!!! :)

Hello,I am a new member
Views: 362 · Added: 586 days ago

I just joined yesterday, after surfing the web for many months I stumbled across your magnificant website and joined. You seem to have the type of videos I love plus you have a blog section with friendly people to talk to. I am away in my very first year of college at UCLA with a major in VIDEO Production. Yes I know everyone in CA wants to be in movies but I want to be in video editing I figure thats where the jobs are. I for the first time am able to express myself as a new gay person, I could never at home, I come from a traditional Catholic family and my Mother and father would call the exorcist I am sure!

Alas I am a virgin at the present time. I have jacked off with a neighbor boy that was my BFF but he was more straight and just used me for a quick cum. am hoping college life will give me the experience I am wanting and craving. I look forward to being a part of the club here. Thanks for all the nice emails welcoming me.

Joseph Aka MonkeyJoe
I got that name because I love planet of the apes movies

What did you do to him?
How old were you?
How old was he?
Was he drunk,asleep or other?
Did you get caught?
Did you feel guilty afterwards?
Would you do it again?

Views: 113 · Added: 586 days ago

Hi are any of you guys on Skype?
ive recently joined Skype and was looking for people to Skype with not just naughty stuff get in contact if anyone intrested

Views: 74 · Added: 586 days ago

Hi people. I'm sorry to say that I have to leave GBT. Just so I don't sound like a momma's boy (even tho I I want to thank everyone that has helped me to understand what I'm going thru. I'm going to be 15 in April and the past couple years was confusing for me until I got to talking to a few of you. You know who you are. Nick, thsnk you for having this site. I know you don't allow underage people here but I can say that GBT is a godsend for guys that are shy and afraid of whats happening. People who helped me the most and didn't care howe old I am or what I looked like naked have my email address and I really want to stay in contact with them. My account will be deleted when I post this but I wanted you to know why I'm gone and that I appreciate all of you. Thank you again. Love, Travis

How do u upload pictures ?
Views: 112 · Added: 587 days ago

I want to add some pix. I only see upload videos.

In my pants
Views: 448 · Added: 587 days ago

Lets have a bit of light hearted fun and play the 'In my pants' game. All you have to do is put down a song title followed by 'in my pants'. Here's a few examples...

what makes you beautiful in my pants
i hate that i love you in my pants
you're gonna love this in my pants
oh danny boy in my pants

i bet you guys can think of some hilarious ones :)

Why can't I find a boyfriend.? :(
Views: 176 · Added: 587 days ago

I don't want hookups. Its hard for me to find someone. I'm not really into any scene really. All my friends are strait. (and their all good looking :() I go to a lot of shows mostly punk and metal. I would love to find someone like minded.

hi (edited of my last blog)
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hi everyone how you all doing today??? just thought i say hi to you all and see how you all doin???

with me im getting back on track now as things are starting to look better in the future altho i got no special person yet :(:( but hey i hope i find one soon either of here or anywhere else anyway i got to go cya all soon xxxxxxx loads of love greg

ps leave me a message if ya got msn or skype becoz its alot easyer for me to chat to you on there then it is on here as im living at my old folks now and they dont know anything yet for alot of reasons :):)

anyway take care all of you and i catch ya on msn or yahoo MSN ADDY: SKYPE: cuteclown2012

Body Art
Views: 292 · Added: 587 days ago

How do u guys feel about big torso tattoo's and body piercings on a guy..are they attractive or a turn off?

Saying Good Buy To GBT.
Views: 149 · Added: 587 days ago

After posting a little about myself on this blog being a Marine who is very open and truthful. will lookes like not evryone as true as thay say, you see ive sent a number of replys and recived only two back. and i would like to thank those who replayed back. and not one left a remark on the blog i posed. not good. Good buy folks. Riverdog.

new and looking to see if any Devil Dogs out thair?
Views: 107 · Added: 587 days ago

Looking to here if any young or old Marines are out thair? Or any of you young bucks who would like to chat with a old, but good looking dude who could till you some hot stories of being gay in the old days wehen you played the strait game, or less. it not like today, but it is the same game,But today it is called bullying 101. Take from aold Jar head stend for what you believe in and show you true colors. For alot of strait and gay men gave thair lives so we all could be free from bullies and hate.Love will over come. Let me here what you all thank about this.

uploads not appearing
Views: 123 · Added: 587 days ago

Over the past few days I have uploaded 2 or 3 video clips, none of which have appeared. Can anyone tell me how to find out why the videos were not accepted - they were perfectly legit. how does one contact the webmaster? The links at the bottom of the page do not seem to work

Views: 99 · Added: 587 days ago

I'm suspicious..any mormons from SLC on GBT..?

hey everyone!!!
Views: 99 · Added: 587 days ago

hi everyone how you all doing today??? just thought i say hi to you all and see how you all doin???

with me im getting back on track now as things are starting to look better in the future altho i got no special person yet :(:( but hey i hope i find one soon either of here or anywhere else anyway i got to go cya all soon xxxxxxx loads of love greg

ps leave me a message if ya got msn or skype becoz its alot easyer for me to chat to you on there then it is on here as im living at my old folks now and they dont know anything yet for alot of reasons :):)

anyway take care all of you and i catch ya on msn or yahoo
SKYPE: cuteclown2k12

New Yorker seeking just a few like minded friends.
Views: 128 · Added: 587 days ago

Well I've been greatly proud to be a part of the LGBT for a decent amount of years. I've gained, learned more about myself and made some good friends along the way. The only thing is most of my friends are straight, so it's sometimes difficult to have a conversation about a few of my interests such as guys, makeup, Rupaul, Johnny Weir, Leigh Dorei, Outbackgoddess(just a few inspirations), and I would really like to spend some time with a few gays, transgenders, etc. that I can actually relate to and consider friends as well. It can be a little difficult being in a borough with barely any, so I like to stroll around Chelsea and other village areas.

Historical Day
Views: 109 · Added: 588 days ago

The nation will honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday – the same day as it celebrates the inauguration of the first black president to his second term.

Views: 476 · Added: 588 days ago

very strange , where is my picture ?

Safe Sex Chat - Thanks Repost due to comment issue
Views: 247 · Added: 588 days ago

I am re posting since it appears you cannot comment on the first one.

I just wanted to thank all the people that were able to participate in Alex17/Ruslan's safe sex chat. And in particular, I wanted to thank Alex17/Ruslan for putting it out as something that needed to be done for our community. I would like to also thank Thomthumb666 for finding a space for the much better than wall posting, RD/Usainindia for all his work in pulling together facts and information that were posted during the conversation (which I believe will be extremely useful for those reading it later) and for billyboy96 for his work in helping to moderate the conversation.

These kind of activities are what makes us a community and not just a porn site. It is the caring of people for each other and the sharing of ourselves with each other that makes this a place I am proud to be a part of. Thank you all for you contributions today...and every day....Thomas

Views: 128 · Added: 588 days ago

im m 26 top

Views: 192 · Added: 589 days ago

What's up everyone ?

My Tumblr Blog
Views: 528 · Added: 589 days ago its free,lots of pics and a few videos too.enjoy everyone

Good morning all :-)

No I'm not just getting up- I'm just getting back home from Friday night! A nice long shower, a little nap remembering to set my alarm to freight train horn, I will at least pop by for a visit myself and share a link or two.

Just really want to ram :-) it home, especially to younger guys here, that a lot of what meets your eye in the 2d world, may not be actual in the 3d world and especially not safe to try in the second of these in an uncontrolled situation.

In the heat of passion, something I know a little about and that you do not see in more recently produced studio scenes, there is one rule for all players insisted on by good producers: whether you pitch or catch, before you launch- STOP AND WRAP IT!

It can be fun between the two- or more- of you to make it part of the experience. You may have heard this, but I will repeat it anyways, "Dress for the occasion". DO IT and stay healthy to do it again- and again :-)

Don't be afraid of getting tested either. I do. If you don't know where, go here sweeties:

Oh one more thing- for that last time ok? Yes I am "the real Kyler Moss" But
that is my 2d name, more of a misused, even stolen brand now and at least one of them is different in my 3d life. You understand why right. I was just the same as you and still am really. But one day while surfing I came upon this site called and the rest- remains to be seen, not necessarily on video.

See you at Alex17s wall at 1:00 pm Eastern time this afternoon. Politics? Sports? Screw all that. Let's talk sbout sex.


<3 KM

Please stay happy, play safely and be well.

Views: 216 · Added: 590 days ago

are you superstitious?? cmon you can tell us..tell us the dummest-funniest-weirdest-ones you know..i'm not superstitious,,,and knock on wood,,i never will be...


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