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Have you ever tried to selfsuck, and did you have any problems with it.

Views: 86 · Added: 564 days ago

hey guy just to say happy new year to you all
im loving the pics that are be uploaded atm so keep it up
dose anyone agree with me that its hard to talk to people on here
put an idea up of a side bar chat if possibly

dose anyone go swimming just to look at other guys in their swim wear or is it just me and has anyone ever chatted someone up in the changing rooms and gone further xx

probs with firefox
Views: 89 · Added: 564 days ago

the download function used to work all the time via secure download but it wont work now.. any ideas guys.. ty lukas x

Views: 250 · Added: 564 days ago

what do you guys think of cockrings, and also do penis pumps actually work. your input would be a help, thanks

my grandma
Views: 89 · Added: 564 days ago

Hi guys and all of my fiends and especially to Nick18 who put all of his effort into keeping GBT going...last year I lost a brother in uncle Ben and my beloved grandmother at the age of 98..yeaaahhh...believe me I still love you bunch of fucking holy horny young individuals..I'm still here and I'll do my best to support you as ever I stop complaining about whatever....(^_°)

Views: 92 · Added: 564 days ago

Just wonder if you guys wanna chat or talk to me through this page.... New here btw!!!

who is this bottom
Views: 246 · Added: 565 days ago
does anyone who the hell is the buttom !
please if you know let me know
and if you have the full video better thanks!

Views: 233 · Added: 565 days ago

who like to fuck me...

Deux nouvelles vidéos en attente de validation
Views: 87 · Added: 565 days ago

Je viens de postés deux nouvelles vidéos que j'ai modifiées en espérant qu'elles seront accepter.

Views: 96 · Added: 565 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need gay boy to be friend or have fun just age down 20
my skype golo 93

Teenboy idols
Views: 592 · Added: 565 days ago

Do you have any favorite teen boy idols and who are they?

Views: 273 · Added: 565 days ago

does anybody get viruses off this web sit

Deux vidéos non publiées
Views: 169 · Added: 565 days ago

Je souhaiterais savoir pourquoi mes deux vidéos n'ont pas été publiées. J'avais posté la première au début de cette semaine et la deuxième ce matin.

About technology
Views: 156 · Added: 565 days ago

What You prefer Samsung galaxy s3 or Apple iphone 5 smartphone?and why?

like it
Views: 115 · Added: 565 days ago

Geile Seite:

Views: 105 · Added: 565 days ago

who is like to drink semen

Views: 110 · Added: 565 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need gay boy to be friend or have fun just age down 20
my skype golo 93

Views: 117 · Added: 565 days ago

Now I am computery challeng. Is there anyway I can send the same message to my friends here without retyping it for ever one. Please help.

Views: 142 · Added: 566 days ago

hi im new here.... the vids in this site are so hottttttt :P

Views: 170 · Added: 566 days ago

seen 2 guys in onesies yesterday...1 had zebra markings the other guys had black and like markings with ears on the hood...they looked absolutely stupid walking down the high street...any comments!

It's so nice being wanted...from lakescruiser
Views: 216 · Added: 566 days ago

due to nuwmerous requests from my many fiends not to leave...that's why i am still here..for a short time anyway...

Views: 91 · Added: 566 days ago

does anybody ells get viruses off this web sit

How do you feel about incest?
Views: 1533 · Added: 566 days ago

Just a general survey, what do you think about incest?

Views: 110 · Added: 566 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need gay boy to be friend or have fun just age down 20
my skype golo 93

in college
Views: 235 · Added: 566 days ago

finally got out here to north dakota.......and there is alot of guys on the wrestling team and after practice shower time looks awesome

I finally worked it out, how to resize my photo
Views: 94 · Added: 566 days ago

And im happy. To celebrate please laugh out loud. Maybe next time i might learn what "LOL" means!!

Views: 145 · Added: 566 days ago

It will be back to school for the kids pretty soon and while they may have their own ideas about what to wear, would you let your son wear pink zebra print shoes to his first day of preschool?

A five-year-old American boy was allowed to do just that but his family couldn't have anticipated the reaction that would follow when a photo of young Sam wearing the 'girls' shoes went viral online.

His mother posted the photo to her Facebook timeline until an onslaught of negative responses from her family forced her to remove it.

The harshest of which came from the boy's great aunt, who wrote "that sh*t will turn him gay".

While other family members commented on how "wrong" it was and how "things like this will affect him socially".

Sam's older sister was so outraged by her family's response that she was moved to repost the photo to Have A Gay Day's Facebook page with a detailed explanation of the event.

The photo has since been shared over 20,000 times and has over 130,000 Facebook likes.

Her mother had explained to her younger brother that the shoes were really made for girls but he was untroubled by this fact and simply responded with, "ninjas can wear pink shoes too."

The response from his preschool was nothing but positive.

"Sam went to preschool and got several compliments on his new shoes. Not one kid said anything negative toward him about it," she wrote.

"What does it say about society when a group of adults could stand to take a lesson in humanity from a class of preschoolers?" she asked.

Sam has since told his mother that he didn't like the shoes because they were pink but because they were "made out of zebra" and "zebra is his favourite animal". This fact alone reveals that a colour is simply a colour in the eyes of a child. Perhaps we need to be more mindful of what meaning we, as adults, attach to such things and what messages we are projecting onto our children.

Please think of us and pray for us in South Australia
Views: 243 · Added: 566 days ago

We have a problem.
The forecast is for around 4 days of extreme temperature.
Now today was ok 38 degrees but the forecast for tomorrow is 44 and getting hotter.
We have low humidity and the 2 things put together guarantee bushifires on a big scale.
If things get bad please stay by us. A bushfire is no fun.

Love and hope to chat soon.

Pics to big to be profile pics
Views: 162 · Added: 566 days ago

Can someone tell me how to make it so that my pics are not to big to be my profile pic?

Just wanted to share!
Views: 310 · Added: 567 days ago

I'm going to admit it, today I had sex with a guy. And I realized that I'm not gay. It was lust and curiosity that overtook my emotions. I did not like the taste of dick, nor liked being pounded in the ass haha, nor did I like sticking my dick in his ass. I liked getting head but who doesn't. I will continue to jerk off to gay porn, but from now on I will only hook up with women. Experimenting made me realize what I do and don't like.

Do you prefer to..
Views: 114 · Added: 567 days ago

Ejaculate in somebody's mouth or ass?

Has anyone ever ejaculated in your mouth? If so, was it gross or hot?

jack styles emo boy
Views: 414 · Added: 567 days ago

How do you rate this young hottie i think 10/10 has such gorgeous lips and everything really.Sum emo boys i do not find attractive but jack hits the button!!

Views: 186 · Added: 567 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need gay boy to be friend or have fun just age down 20
my skype golo 93

Views: 99 · Added: 567 days ago

lol i am going to post a very funny video i found but i will send the link on here as well

Views: 120 · Added: 567 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need any gay boy just age down 20
my skype golo 93

Views: 77 · Added: 567 days ago

im gay boy and im 19 years,, slim body and shaved
i need any gay boy just age down 20
my skype golo 93


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