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upload vids and pics
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Does someone know how I can upload pics and vids from my pc to GBT?
I tried it several times but the pics I want to upload don't appear in the screen, so I can't select any pics to send here.

skype: golo 93
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hiiiiiiii every body if u like add me on skype: golo93
im 20 years and i like boy under 22

How to get over "Love"
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I've recently found an old friend I went to elementary school with on Facebook. I had a dream about him the night before and this really odd feeling came over me when I woke up... so I used Google to look him up and turns out he has a FB page. As soon I saw his picture, the feeling that I felt when I woke up just... Exploded? I should mention I just recently accepted that I was gay and nothing was going to change that. So I started -looking- for guys to be with because that feeling of being alone every night and having no one to really connect with absolutely sucked. So lately I've desperately been trying to meet new guys (having no school/job limits my searches in person). When I saw his picture of him grown up, I just... I can't even describe how I felt. It was like, "That's him. Right there, that's who I want to be with". So I friended him, and checked FB on my phone so many times during that day. Once he accepted it was like, "YES!! One step closer, come on!". I sent him a message saying something like, "thanks for accepting, how are you etc." and he responded with "yeah it's been so long, how/where are you?"... but when I replied to that he didn't reply at all... So in that feeling of what I can only assume/imagine is "Love" I desperately wanted him to reply... so I sent him another... coded/subliminal message saying, "I respect you for (what your pix show on FB) everything". Really I meant, "I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen and since you're working towards being something that I've wanted to be as a kid, I want to get to know you more"... Looking back it's like, how the hell could I say that? I probably scared him off and sounded like someone with no life that sits on FB all day... which btw, I don't. I go on facebook maybe twice a week just to check friend requests/messages and to see what my mom posts :P.

So getting to the point... I need to know how to get over this feeling of, I was potentially so close to being with someone but now its ruined. To put that feeling in a better perspective, I play video games more than I should, and I jerk off AT LEAST once a day depending on where I am/who is around. Since I had that dream, I haven't sat down and played a video game for more than 10 minutes because I can't stop thinking about him and I haven't jerked off since the night of the dream. Last time I saw him was 5 years ago, and haven't thought about him since then (I thought he was pretty cute back then but wasn't sure if I was gay or straight). I'm writing this out of...... desperation? I need help and ideas of how to stop thinking about him ALL THE TIME.. I haven't eaten a lot, and I've been lost. I've never had this before and I thought after a few days it would at least mellow down but it's been 6 days since the dream and it's been Hell the whole time. Day and night. I don't want to sleep because I want to see his picture just one more time, or check the messages to see if he responded.. I should also note, I don't talk about my true feelings with anyone and most likely never will any time soon (unless I meet someone, of course). So writing about this I guess is helping both about my feelings for him and helping me be more open. I appreciate any help you guys can give me. :)

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Views: 143 · Added: 583 days ago

I feel like I need to type up my rant before I explode. Its like holding something in ...not being able to talk to anyone. Being honest im naked from the waist down, because I have been jerking off all day. Watching videos and jerking off. I have hw to do but all I want to do is jerk off, or cuddle with someone. I love smooth guys around my age, I like girls too but I always feel fear and anxiety when I talk to them. Like if they are a different species lol. But non the less would not mind a sexual relationship with a man or women. Lately, masterbation has not been satisfying my sexual craving. I jerk off, and BAM 3 minutes later I am horny again. My dick is sore but my body wants me to keep jerking it. Im leaving things to the last minute and feel tired all the time. So to wrap things up I feel sexually deprived... I feel like I dont know how to talk to people so it prevents me from getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you see me in person you will think I am nice, and innocent. But deep down I feel like a sexual beast waiting to be realeased.
It feels so good to finally take this off my chest.

Views: 225 · Added: 584 days ago

tell a moderator

hey if you come across innapropriate piks or vids tell a moderator like me so we can delete it

Photo share
Views: 114 · Added: 584 days ago

Has anybody tried using the facility to photo share with another user and how does it work?

I want to Suck on Cam
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I want to Suck Cock on Webcam

If your in: NC, SC, VA, GA, DC, NY, FL, NV, CA or Canada (I will travel around some) are Under 27

Posting from Android smartphone
Views: 84 · Added: 584 days ago

Does anyone know how to upload pics from smartphone? Avatar is fine but when uploading pics it wont find a file to browse.

Views: 74 · Added: 584 days ago

i tried several times to upload some vids...just one is online now...upload for all of them was successfull posted...but they are not visible...

whats wrong..?

Views: 188 · Added: 584 days ago

is it better starting with a small one then working upto a larger or just stay with a small one for safety reasons

Views: 123 · Added: 585 days ago

How to get Music and a back ground ( Wall paper ) on my profile please help want to pep my profile thanks

Willing cunt
Views: 324 · Added: 585 days ago

Every now and then, if no ass is available for me, I fuck a willing girl's vagina. Are there more guys who use emergency of the vagina?

Holiday fuck immoral?
Views: 238 · Added: 585 days ago

Making liberal use of each other's body. Freely fuck together a few times a day without obligation. Is that immoral?

Butt plug in while fucking
Views: 258 · Added: 585 days ago

When I fuck a boy or a girl, I prefer to keep my butt plug in. Anyone else experiences with that.

Views: 144 · Added: 585 days ago

whats the best way to give hugs, do you slowly snuggle upto the one you love and slowly slip your arm around their waist, or do you just dive in....

Views: 86 · Added: 585 days ago

I love this site. hot boys. thanks everybody.

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Views: 66 · Added: 585 days ago

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Boring vids
Views: 327 · Added: 585 days ago

Where are the horny new vids? It's all boring here.

Love horny teen boys
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I love watching young horny teen boys - alone, together with other boys or with older men.,n831ukhbbhv9e1b,etzc6w73156cinw,lnlonh8948ue799,3x0lfv0mdf4l3st,hzlko9qjy6585cc,f7zqlk0bpl9sotb,dum29jey0h6lcfl,c9ambac80owbwjy,cmf6lfymz4ax9s9

Celestial intervention
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When I grip my throbbing head and close my eyes, I see visions of a bright corridor filled with angels fluttering effortlessly among chubby cherubs playing spiritual music on small golden harps. I float along naked on a soft fluffy cloud, surrounded on all sides by brilliant plumes of golden light. A sense of calming graciousness fills my heart with warmth as I approach the glowing figure, both imposing and awe inspiring, who takes me by the hand and peers into my soul.

"This one has loved. This one is loved"

I struggle to respond, but cannot.

"It is His will that this one return to his mate, for He has judged them worthy of His blessing."

A powerfully intense light strikes fear in me, causing me to recoil in horror. I am cold as I feel the eyes of many touch my body. Suddenly it feels as though I am failing into a dark and cruel abyss. When I open my eyes, my lover is there, curled around me in a strange bed, surrounded by candles and flowers.

I close my eyes and say nothing, for I have been touched by His grace. I am in love.

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I have problems to open this site on IE! it works only on Firefox!
when i want to open the site on IE there comes another pornsite!

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If you think we have not made progress
Views: 111 · Added: 586 days ago

10 years ago I felt so alone and a total freak. A lot has changed since then and even longer ago when we were "illegals" by our sexuality. For everyone, this is why "community" is important and especially for any younger brothers here. Look at the segments with David in this video and do not be afraid to live your life and be happy :)

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Views: 119 · Added: 586 days ago

What are your views on maths,physics and other geeky stuff, my friends are always pulling my leg with having my head stuck in books. I think it improves your sex life...

searching photos
Views: 235 · Added: 586 days ago

Any1 else get an error while trying to search photos. ???

Views: 175 · Added: 586 days ago

Wheres a good place to meet people to hook up? Craigslist?

Fill in the punch lne
Views: 184 · Added: 586 days ago

Three Russian twinks walk into a bar.

Companionship camping holidays
Views: 156 · Added: 586 days ago

I am looking for a bisex boy and a girl to go together on camping holidays.

help me find a video
Views: 66 · Added: 586 days ago

i saw this video once a while back. it was an old video, it was recorded on a video camera with the date year reading 1993. its of this hot guy jerking off. any help please

Views: 249 · Added: 586 days ago

Whats your views on clothes, are you into bright colors, or just wear what you like,or do you like designer clothes. Better mention nudists they dont wear any clothes, but they can be vibrant with colors on their bodies, nails, etc....

Straight people answering questions...
Views: 118 · Added: 586 days ago

I think this is just awesome...

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jerking off
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Who did you catch jerking off

Companionship camping holidays
Views: 86 · Added: 587 days ago

I am looking for a bisex boy and a girl to go together on camping holidays. Four weeks (August) the three of us traveling with a tent, somewhere in Northern Europe. Making liberal use of each other's body. Freely fuck together a few times every day, without obligation is an important basis.


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